March 16, 2010

11th dimension

yeah finally i can use my hardisk but still not working. sial.

*julian casablancas(the strokes) - 11th dimension

March 15, 2010


tution everyday making me VERY happy

*Hallucinations - angels and airwaves

March 9, 2010

if malaysia

* i hope this thing can be done in malaysia hehehehe

February 26, 2010


i want to go home and i miss her):

*spinto band - oh mandy

February 13, 2010

currently at college ground
enjoy this vid

so boring here*

February 5, 2010


hello. this is my 2nd post this 2010.
i hope you like it coz this is my currently addiction

*weezer - (if you're wondering if i want to you to) i want you to

January 28, 2010

happy birthday ocha!

semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki